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Safaris for Seniors

“Don’t count the days – make the days count!”

An African Safari Tour is the Perfect Vacation for Seniors

Gone are the days when traveling across the great plains of Africa was solely for the young. African safaris tours for seniors are now an increasingly popular trend and we couldn’t be more delighted. Even if you are in your late seventies or eighties, there is always something Tanzania has to offer. While some may think that an African safari is far too adventurous for the older generation, we simply have to disagree. Safaris are a fantastic option for those who love adventurous experiences but want to avoid any or all physically strenuous adventure in the process. Being in the African bush is an ideal place for rest, relaxation and contemplation. The only physical effort required is to enjoy being surrounded by incredible scenery, listening to birdsong, looking out for passing animals while reading a book or sipping on a refreshing drink. And when you go on a game drive, just sit back and let our expert guides escort you around the national parks in comfortable open-top safari vehicles tracking the Big Five, identifying the birds and getting you right up close to the animals. If you’d like a little more inspiration about what could be included on your Tanzania safari, read about the range of safari locations available, including Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

We Create Bespoke Tanzania Safaris for Seniors

Choosing a Tanzania holiday if you’re an elderly person is no different to deciding on where to go if you were any other age. It’s all about your unique preferences, priorities and selecting experiences which are close to your heart. The only difference may be that you may need to focus slightly more on the relaxation and luxury side of things, rather than on a hectic, action-packed vacation. Most older safari goers love to focus on getting off the beaten track to the privacy of their own little slices of wilderness, which makes Tarangire National Park one of the best spots — it also has Tanzania’s largest elephant population. Mixing exploration with the right amount of relaxation is what transforms an already memorable vacation into an adventure of a lifetime, and this is something we can help plan for you if you tell us what you’re looking for, so please get in touch if you have any questions for us.

At Ol-Lerai Africa safari, even if you are in your late seventies, we can create the perfect African safari trip for you and your partner — or even for your small group of friends. If you’re looking to bring the whole family instead, check out our family safaris in Tanzania. From the very beginning of your trip, we offer as much assistance as needed. We take care of the entire itinerary and travel plans, causing you less stress which ensures you enjoy a completely hassle-free experience. Please know that we exclusively offer private safaris (so you will be setting the pace!) and design trips that meet our guests’ specifications and individual requirements. For example, if you have difficulty walking, have an aversion for long road trips, need frequent comfort stops or have dietary restrictions, we will accommodate all of your needs. One tip for when you are considering what to do on your Tanzania trip is to read through our excellent range of Ol-Lerai Africa experiences. These experiences have been designed to benefit the local people as much as possible while offering guests with unique opportunities to meet the locals, experiencing the authentic local cultures.

Feel young again by going on an African adventure in Tanzania. There’s a lot in store for you in this beautiful country and you can comfortably enjoy activities and a wonderful vacation exploring many of the places that make Tanzania so special. Read a little more about Tanzania if you’d like to get inspired. Whether you are seeking to learn more about the local culture or just to enjoy an abundance of nature, Tanzania will amaze you with its beauty and wonder. You will be humbled by this experience, creating cherished memories to share with your friends and family.

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